Rowan AIAA Executive Board Spring 2017 – Fall 2017

President – Tyler Harlow | Electrical Engineering ’18

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Tyler is conducting his undergraduate studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering and has been involved with AIAA since his freshman year. Starting off as a hobby rocketeer in high school, he came to Rowan looking for an opportunity to break into the field of aerospace engineering even though Rowan does not offer it as a major. After discovering AIAA and joining a small rocket project the end of his freshman year, Tyler started the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) team at the beginning of his sophomore year and has led the team out to Utah and New Mexico to compete against 100+ schools at this competition. That same year he was elected President, and awarded AIAA’s “outstanding student award” for technical excellence.

Tyler hopes to make a contribution in the field of spaceflight, and hopes that his participation in the IREC will establish him as someone with both passion and experience within the field. He pictures himself ideally working as a project or flight manager in the future for a launch contractor like SpaceX, Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic.


Vice President – Eric Westphal | Mechanical Engineering ’16

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Eric Westphal

Eric Westphal is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His interests lie in aerospace engineering and combustion research. This past summer, he worked as a research assistant at the University of Southern California under Professor (and former astronaut) Paul Ronney in his Combustion Physics Lab. He plans to pursue a doctorate degree in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering upon graduation from Rowan.



Secretary – Ian Lynch | Mechanical Engineering ’17

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 Ian Lynch








Treasurer – Trevor G. Thayer | Mechanical Engineering ’16

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Trevor is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student attending Rowan University. Currently interning at the Naval Foundry & Propeller Center at the Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard for the Department of the Navy. Pursuing a career in the aerospace industry upon graduation in May 2016.


Fundraising Chair – Tyler Harow | Electrical and Computer Engineering ’18

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Tyler_HarlowTyler is currently a Sophomore Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) student pursuing a minor in physics. He is additionally enrolled in the honors concentration and plays on Rowan’s club golf team. He comes from Ocean Township, a coastal town in central New Jersey. In his spare time he enjoys going rock climbing, playing Frisbee, and training his dog. He originally cultivated his aerospace interests by watching science channel. These interests have led him to be the project lead for Rowan AIAA’s Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition team entering for the first time this June. He hopes to continue to develop his skills and broaden the scope of his knowledge to attain a career in which he can make a difference in the aerospace world.

Service Chair – Logan Greer | Mechanical Engineering ’17

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IMG_0122Logan is a Junior Mechanical Engineering major and a member of the Honors Program. He has had a life-long interest in aerospace, and recently interned at Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, NJ, where he worked on the Ballistic Missile Defense program.







DBF Team Captain – Ed Michaelchuck | Mechanical Engineering ’17

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Ed Michaelchuck










SGA Representative – Cameron Labbree | Mechanical Engineering ’17

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Cameron Labbree






SGA Representative – Zach Leiman | Mechanical Engineering ’18

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Zach is a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering student with a concentration in honors at Rowan University. He is currently involved with the International Rocket Engineering Competition team and the Eggloft Competition. He has always had an interest in aerospace, and hopes to pursue a career in the industry.