Design Build Fly (DBF)

AIAA Design Build Fly Project

Meeting Time: 12:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday (Clinic Times)

Meeting Place: TBA


Project Manager/Chief Engineer

Alexander D. Nocera

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (732)-570-1109


Financial Officer

Mario DiSanto

Email: [email protected]


Rule Manager

Daniel Brendlinger

Email: [email protected]



The purpose of this project is to design and build an aircraft that will compete in a National AIAA Design Build Fly (DBF) competition in Wichita, Kansas. This year’s project requires the development of two planes. The first plane is a production aircraft that must have the capability to be broken down and reassembled within 2 minutes. This aircraft must carry a filled 32 oz Gatorade bottle. The second aircraft is a manufacturing support aircraft. This plane must be able to transport the production aircraft in as few trips as possible.

Link to AIAA DBF Website:


Design Constraints:

Design Constraints


  • Sub-assemblies must be carried internally, secured sufficiently to not move CG
  • The production aircraft subassemblies must breakdown and reassemble multiple times, no glue / cutting
  • Aircraft must be designed to perform all missions
  • TOFL limited to 100 ft.
  • All batteries must be either nickel cadmium (NiCad) or nickel metal hydride (NiMH)


Mission 1:

Mission 1: Manufacturing Support Aircraft Arrival Flight


  • Aircraft: Manufacturing Support
  • No payload
  • TOFL = 100 ft.
  • Fly 3 laps within 5 minutes (time starts at first throttle advance for takeoff)
  • Lap is complete after passing finish line in the air
  • Scoring: MF1 = 2 – completed mission, MF1 = 0.1 – does not complete mission


Mission 2:

Mission 2: Manufacturing Support Aircraft Delivery Flight


  • Aircraft: Manufacturing Support
  • Begins with first payload installed
  • TOFL = 100 ft.
  • Fly 1 lap, return and land, taxi to payload area, safe propulsion system, remove and install next payload, un-safe, taxi, repeat
  • Time ends when aircraft passes finish line in the air
  • Successful landing(s) required for score
  • Subassemblies do not include production aircraft flight battery
  • 10 minute window to complete
  • Scoring: MF2 = 4 – all payloads, MF2 = 1 – less than all, 1+ payloads, MF2 = 0.1 – unsuccessful


Mission 3:

Mission 3: Production Aircraft Flight


  • Aircraft: Production Aircraft
  • Payload: 32 oz. sealed gatorade
  • TOFL = 100 ft.
  • Fly 3 laps within 5 minutes
  • Time starts at throttle advance
  • Lap complete when aircraft passes finish line in the air
  • Must complete successful landing to get score
  • Scoring: PF = 2 – successful 3 laps within time period, PF = 1 – less than 3 laps, over time limit, PF = 0.1 – unsuccessful flight


Bonus Mission:

Bonus Mission


  • All 3 missions required to be completed successfully
  • Immediately after final flight
  • Assemble production aircraft within 2 minutes including reinstalling payload
  • Aircraft must pass wing tip lift test and control systems check
  • Scoring: Bonus = 2 – successful mission, Bonus = 0 – any other result



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